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Life Insurance

MassMutual offers a range of life insurance products to fit client needs. 

Disability Income Insurance

MassMutual Disability Insurance products help cover everyday expenses in the event a person becomes too sick or injured to work for an extended period of time.

Long Term Care

MassMutual offers several long term care (LTC) insurance products.


MassMutual offers different annuity products all with the intent of helping clients reach long-term financial goals- whether they are focused on accumulating assets for retirement in the years ahead or need a steady stream of income in the near future.

Trust Services

A trust is a fiduciary arrangement through which the trustee manages assets for the benefit of third parties. A trust is commonly used to transfer wealth to heirs or to favored charitable organizations. Insurance products, such as life insurance policies, annuity contracts and disability policies, may be used to fund trusts in appropriate circumstances.

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