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Our Team

Our motto is “It is personal, not just business.” We are committed to helping, supporting and providing value to the independent financial advisors we work with so that they can best serve their clients.”


Chief Morale Officer

Our mascot, Aiko, is a beautiful half Golden, half Labrador Retriever. She was bred and trained to be a guide dog for the blind, but was unable to follow her life’s mission as she sometimes gets a little scared from thunder...

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Deborah Marcovecchio

Director of Client Relations

(516) 682-3339

Deborah and I are very similar, which means we like to be out in front, working with the people, talking to the client, marketing, problem solving and so on. Deborah’s been with me for 14 years now. The brokers and the clients...

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Donna Portnoy

Contracting, Support & Marketing Director

(516) 682-3340

The great thing about Donna is that she is wired exactly opposite of Deborah and me. She enables us to do what we do because the tracking, the input of information into the computer systems, the arranging, the spreadsheets, and the...

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Michael Fliegelman, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®, CLTC®, RFC®

Brokerage Director

(516) 682-3336

I like to have fun and enjoy myself. We do that here. People come into the office space that I share with Deborah, Donna, and Aiko and say, “Well, you guys have a lot of fun. You really enjoy what you’re doing.” The...

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Stacey Morton

Case Manager

(516) 682-3358

Stacey was born and raised on Long Island. Her senior year of high school she moved (kicking and screaming) to California with her family. She decided to make the move back to NY about a year ago. Stacey spent 12 years as a waitress...

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