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Chief Morale Officer

Our mascot, Aiko, is a beautiful half Golden, half Labrador Retriever. She was bred and trained to be a guide dog for the blind, but was unable to follow her life’s mission as she sometimes gets a little scared from thunder, fireworks, and loud things like that. We were fortunate enough to adopt her and we love her!

I was lucky enough to be born at the Guide Dog Foundation so you could say I was born to serve. Sadly, after completing some of my training, my fear of thunder and firecrackers ended my dream of becoming a guide dog.

Suddenly I found myself a dog without a purpose. Luckily, I was adopted by people who recognized my desire to serve. They helped me get over my fear, and continued my training. I am now a registered therapy dog and I brighten the days of folks at assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

At the office, my role is to remind everyone that we are all about giving the best possible service to our clients and brokers. I also try to instill a sense of calm to a chaotic work day.